What you will do: 

Work closely with both Machine-Learning engineers and software engineers to build/test/visualize/analyze sequences of 3D data that advance core technology of business. You will work closely with our Platform and Applications teams. Our team is Agile, embracing peer reviews, continuous integration/development and constant learning. 


Apply if you have 2-3 years of PROFESSIONAL/COMMERCIAL experience with: 

  • NoSQL and SQL database models, XML, relational and other database models 

  • Utilizing programming skills and knowledge on how to write models which can be directly used in production as part of a large-scale system 

  • Applying statistical modeling, algorithms, data mining, machine learning algorithms & problem solving 

  • Developing data science analytic models and simultaneously operationalizing these models so they can run in an automated context 

  • Design effective analytical approaches taking into consideration performance and scalability to large datasets 

  • Manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources 

  • Data mining or data-driven problem solving 

  • Developing end to end deep learning solutions for structured and unstructured data problems 

  • Visualizing and communicating analytical results 

  • Advanced signal processing 


Gotta Have This Stuff:

  • R, Python, C++/C#, Java Script and applying analytical methods to large and complex datasets leveraging one of these languages 

  • Mathematics: Linear algebra, multivariate analysis, geometry, statistics, demonstrates extensive abilities and/or a proven record of success in the application of statistical or numerical methods 

  • Machine Learning: Principal component analysis, Deep NN, Time-Series analysis, k-NN, regressions, learning algorithms, SVM, and Decision Forests. 

  • Experience with GIT or similar repo management and version control tools and Agile methodology; Ideal if working in Hadoop or other big data tools 

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