Welcome to the 2019-2020 American Sign Language 3D Database Project

linedanceAI is seeking Deaf-led private and social sector organizations to support the development of a new, 3D database of American Sign Language (ASL). Currently, online databases of ASL host 2D video format of signs and classifiers.  3D format allows ASL to be utilized for Deaf/hearing accessibility within software/applications. The overarching goal of this project is to make various technology tools and ASL sign data available to accelerate the creation of accessible software solutions by developers around the world.**

The complete database will comprise of approximately 3000 signs + classifiers along with associative language structures.  But we need help - the signs must be recorded. If your organization would like to raise money or build a funding campaign around this 'seed' money, here is away to get your community together to earn those funds! 

If you would like to review the entire Request for Proposal, please email us  info@linedanceAI.com including your name, organization, & contact info.

**This  ASL recording project represents the most comprehensive 3D sign language database in the world for public use.  If you are interested in conducting a similar project for a different sign language, please email us details info@linedanceAI.com.

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