Hardware Partnership 

linedanceAI seeks an integration partnership with ADLINK Technology Inc and Arrow Electronics to deploy cutting edge machine-learning technology that offers automatic, marker-less body movement analysis and object movement pattern analysis.  Rugged hardware units that support hybrid edge processing and GPUs. linedanceAI current projects include using the linedanceAI movement recording software and analysis 'brain' to prepare the body movements of American Sign Language (ASL) to be learned by various software models.   The project crowd-sources Deaf participants from around the USA to build the first-ever, annotated 3D movement-based ASL database. 

About the 3D Database:

For technical innovation to advance in Accessibility, a comprehensive collection of annotated sign movements sourced from Deaf ASL signers across the USA using linedanceAI patented system, will create quality standards, accelerate adoption and application exploration for a NEW Era of Sign-Accessibility. The database will be made available in a public repository at the conclusion of the initial sign capture period (June 2020).

3000 signs, each with 90 samples, collected from 3 major partners in the US, will generate a technology dataset of upwards to 810,000 data points – the most comprehensive 3D ASL database in the world designed for machine-learning and software development engineers.

How will the hardware be used?

Currently we are running sign data collection projects in California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington DC. Other one-off projects also run through the primary project sponsor and will ramp up as Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on May 21, 2020 approaches. 

Hardware will also be utilized in the linedanceAI athletic movement projects running.

Can ADLINK and Arrow leverage the sponsorship?

  • Yes! In conjunction and following their launch, ADLINK / Arrow may create campaigns.

  • Yes! All units may boldly carry brand identity.

  • Yes! Hardware partners will have a dedicated partnership space in the public repo.

  • Yes! linedanceAI commits to co-branding efforts.


The primary project sponsor of the ASL database reserves the right to lead all marketing and PR opportunities until GAAD. 

ADLINK makes a great #TechforGood partner

We worked together before at CES2018 #AccessibleOlli. KinTrans ran a localized sign language translator and signing avatar project using ADLINK AI vision systems. 

About Us: KinTrans Inc dba linedanceAI

We are a deep-learning technology startup based in Dallas, Texas. The linedanceAI patented deep-learning algorithm stack captures and analyzes human body movement in real time.

The linedanceAI platform allows athletes to protect, and understand in their greatest asset:     their body movements. 

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