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Unite Movement Data With Musculoskeletal Care

Connect Objective Movement Quality Metrics with patient recovery pathways and goals to improve the explainability and delivery of musculoskeletal care in outpatient practices

MSK Transformation

Transform musculoskeletal (MSK) observations into explainable, data-backed movement assessments to help providers enhance patient understanding and reduce attrition in outpatient clinical settings.
linedanceAI works with outpatient practices to increase both practice and course-of-care retention by using Objective Movement Quality Metrics to boost patient understanding

Generate personalized and objective visualizations that accurately represent the severity of patients’ condition and the path to recovery. 

Continually align the process of care with patients’ personal goals

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A software solution of movement quality records to revolutionize communication with patients about their movement conditions. Movality's objective movement quality metrics ensures all patients reach their recovery goals, increasing retention and adherence rates for total recovery.
Attach Objective Movement Quality Metric to Patients Goals
Assessment Report Overall Bones-Joints Error
Assessment Report Overall Scores
Choosing Assessment Movements
Movment Quality Data From Videos
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How It Works

Patented machine-learning technology automatically decodes movement quality from videos to generate patients’ range of motion, movement pattern dysfunction and compensation metrics
Within normal workflow, movement quality assessments are captured at intervals throughout the care journey using any tablet or mobile phone
Progress reports of accumulated  movement quality assessments track changes in movement and visually allow patients to understand and engage in their recovery

The enemy of patient attrition is patient understanding

Mohamed Elwazer linedanceAI CEO

Automated Reports & Insights

The key to patient understanding is transforming observations into visually explainable movement assessments and progress reports

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Assessment Reports

Unlock patient engagement

Align patient and provider expectations with Objective Movement Quality Metrics that describe severity of condition and path of recovery

Progress Reports

Unlock patient satisfaction

Attach objective movement quality metrics to patient goals to monitor the patient's recovery from the first visit through the last. Includes embedded insights such as changes in movement quality, and patient adherence

@linedanceAI 2022. All rights reserved.
© linedanceAI 2022. All rights reserved
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@linedanceAI 2022. All rights reserved.

Movement Quality Warehouse

A digital warehouse of patient movement quality records for care process analytics. Discover changes in retention, care completion and patient adherence rates.

Comprehensive Library

Active joint range of motion movements to build any patient-centric assessment aligned with patient status. Mix and match from 33 standard ROM movements. Baseline movements established and recorded by licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Active Joint ROM Liberary.png
Progress and Recovery Pathway 1.png

Frictionless Experience

Goniometry 2.0 with no additional steps in the workflow. Easily capture patient movement from a tablet or mobile phone  without sensors. Only joint positions are captured from the video, no patient images, ensuring HIPAA compliance.


Movality has the potential to be the positive disruption that MSK care needs today

Michael Connors, PT, DPT, PhD

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Keeping track of movement in a visual way is key towards patient engagement

Alex Mansour, PT, DPT

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Movality is a software solution of movement quality records for outpatient musculoskeletal providers who work with patients recovering from accident or occupational injuries.  With Movality providers will improve the explainability and delivery of musculoskeletal care in their practices by connecting objective movement quality metrics with patient recovery pathways and goals.

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