Cluster, Classify Videos Using Human Activities & Movements

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Automatic Video Activity Recognition (AVAR)

Patented AI algorithms for human activities & movement recognition are core to linedanceAI.  Video or video streams identify, detect and understand the humans pattern of behaviors through activities and movement.  AI capability for human activities in video builds a safer tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.


Making Pixels Smart

Billions of videos. Everywhere. Searching, querying or understanding interrelations between videos is unthinkable at scale. linedanceAI's AVAR converts videos into smart pixels by recognizing and clustering human movements to create new insights.

Classify & Search

machine-learning models classify human movement by specific activity in a video or stream, and generates annotation for search

Movement Unique As A Fingerprint

use deep-learning algorithms over movement data to generate similarity, of a gait or other signature movement: Identity or movement verification, recognition, or performance analysis

Predict Behaviors

learned sequences of movement for corresponding behaviors generates alert indicators to preemptively  identify risk or threat


linedanceAI Origins

Dedicated to a New Vision.

linedanceAI is a provider of cutting-edge technology, offering scalable algorithms for Automatic Video Activity Recognition (AVAR). Founded by a team motivated by the power of digitizing human movement, today linedanceAI delivers an unprecedented algorithm stack to make the world a a better place for everyone.

linedanceAI is the evolution of Project KinTrans, Hands Can Talk. 

Sign language has been used across technical research domains to develop and enhance machine-learning body movement models.  linedanceAI owns a dataset of over 600,000 unique sign movements, largest, annotated 3D sign language datasets for body movement analysis.


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