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Boost Profitability
In Physical Therapy Clinics

With immediate documentation

AI in Physical therapy
Phyiscal therapist and patient interaction


Free up clinicians

Devote enough time to patient care and treatment by accelerating documentation.

By tugging relentlessly at the productivity lever, you risk burnout of your Physical Therapists. Break free from the very culprits that drain precious time, sap effort, and dampen morale in your clinics. Make a transformative shift to empower your clinicians with immediate documentation solution.

Discover how immediate documentation is game-changing

AI Generated Documentation
AI Generated Documentation
Physical Therapy Patient Goals


Your clinicians’ AI assistant that generates immediate, defensible documentation to liberate them from administrative burdens


Create evaluation, re-evaluation, and progress documentation immediately. No more manual form-filling.


Support your treatment diagnosis with complete and accurate information about patient status.


A documentation process that fits right into your care and clinic workflow.

How can I boost profitability without overburdening my PT team?

Unlock New Time Efficiencies

Devote enough time to patient care and treatment while fostering clinicians' well-being by documenting patients immediately.

Improve Claims Approval Rate

Ensure consistent cash flow by reporting complete and detailed patient status documentation.

Most of the administrative workload is unbillable time, but we need to do it to get paid!

Reduce Documentation Workload

Liberate clinicians by offloading their documentation tasks to Movality's Human Movement GenAI.

Streamline Claim Review Process

Reduce administrative burdens by reporting Movality's ICD-10 code supportive documents.

How can I differentiate my clinics in a competitive PT marketplace?

Strengthen Relationship With Referral Sources

Boost referrals by providing referral sources with timely updates on patient's status and progress.

Foster Trust With Payers

Encourage collaboration and smoother interactions with them by meeting contractual approval targets.

Seamless Patient Documentation

AI that fits right into your practice

No change to clinic workflow

Does NOT replace EMR

Works with your EMR

HIPAA compliant reports

No expensive cameras

Marker-less & sensor-less

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linedanceAI Movality helps physical therapy clinics impacted by decreasing reimbursement and increasing administrative costs to boost clinic profitability while fostering clinicians' well-being.

Unlike digital records that burdens clinicians with manual form-filling, Movality documents the patient immediately enabling clinicians to break free from administrative burdens and devote enough time to patient care and treatment.

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