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Contributing to a future where

Movement is integrated into standard physical health assessments to improve the delivery, management, and cost of long-term wellness for all. 

We are on a mission to transform the delivery and explainability of movement health



linedanceAI software is a patented technology with low-data requirement machine learning algorithms that find and score movement pattern differences between an established optimal movement – benchmark – and another.

The technology processes only body joint movements across time from videos to allow private health information de-identification by nature. linedanceAI holds two U.S. patents and a third pending patent for its proprietary software technology, which are recognized internationally by Canada, Israel and the European Patent Office (EPO).


Who We Are

Established in 2013, linedanceAI has developed patented machine-learning technology to automatically learn and analyze human body movement across spatial planes and time. 

linedanceAI’s technology origin story was inspired by sign language users who use body movements to communicate. Today, linedanceAI is a team of clinical and technical movement experts driven to use movement data to create change in the MSK patient and provider experience.

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