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Time Calculator

Discover firsthand how immediate documentation in physical therapy clinics will boost your profitability while fostering clinicians' well-being.

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Documentation Time Effect

The Documentation Time Calculator is a data model collaboratively developed by experts from physical therapy clinics and the linedanceAI data team.

Its purpose is to provide physical therapists and practice owners with an overview of how documentation time impacts clinic operations. The model incorporates PT industry standards and US national averages.

The model reveals the impact of current operations on your practice and where the areas of opportunities are.

By filling in practice operational KPIs, The model calculates the likelihood of clinician burnout and the likelihood of patients receiving less care time. Armed with this information, you can devise new operational strategies that minimize impact on the practice.

Documentation Time Effect
AI Generated Documentation
AI Generated Documentation
Physical Therapy Patient Goals


Your clinicians’ AI assistant that generates immediate, defensible documentation to liberate them from administrative burdens


Create evaluation, re-evaluation, and progress documentation immediately. No more manual form-filling.


Support your treatment diagnosis with complete and accurate information about patient status.


A documentation process that fits right into your care and clinic workflow.

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