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POLL: A Fool With A Plan Can Beat A Genius With No Plan.

Strategic Planning

We’ve written a post, Your 2024 Strategy for Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic Profitability, based on what we have heard and learned from PT owner and operator conversations. This framework we’ve presented helps you to evaluate your practice from a lens of your time return on investment (Time ROI). Any strategic priority or performance metric can be enhanced when you are focused on getting a return on your operational time. Tell us about your strategic priorities and top metric to improve for 2024:

What is your strategic priority in 2024?

  • Increasing EBITDA

  • Reduce administrative burdens by investing more in tech

  • Hiring and retaining your DPT team

  • Marketing to increase patient acquisition

What metric do you want to improve the most in 2024?

  • Financial metrics

  • Productivity metrics (billing units)

  • Performance (completed care plans, outcome goals achieved)

More From Movality

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