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What are you doing to differentiate your clinic?

Market Competition

Differentiation! In competitive markets like outpatient physical therapy clinics, how can you stand out from other locations within a network?


We evaluated the competitive clinic landscape for a rapidly growing suburban area outside of San Antonio, Texas. We evaluated all the clinics within 10 miles of our customer’s location. We selected 10 miles because it is more than likely patients in their area would not want to travel further than 10 miles for care. We found there is 31 clinics in the area:

  • Almost half of the clinics were multi-site operators - more than 2 clinics.

  • 4 clinics were health system owned/managed.

  • The remaining 13 were single-site, provider-owned practices (POPs).

All are competing for the same population (if national figures stand correctly that almost 50% of adult age Americans report a musculoskeletal condition), in this case, 50,000 people!

Competing Clinics

Multi-Site Operator

Age 20 - 70+




Avg Household Income

lives in labor force

lives likely in need for care




Balance Physical Therapy’s Dr John Farahmand talks about their clinic differentiation around central coast California. He describes their service and all that their service encompasses, as their core differentiator. Jerry Durham, would likely describe Patient Experience as a differentiator.

If you look at your service and patient experience objectively, do you think the use of technology in your practice helps you stand out from others? (you will be able to see what others say too)

Which statement do you closely agree with?

  • Tech may help differentiate the clinic

  • Always trying new tech to find a competitive edge

  • I don't think tech plays a significant role

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